Who’s afraid of pushing 90?
Definitely not Eddie Garcia!

Gina Pareño and Eddie Garcia paired for the first time as lovers in Hintayan ng Langit.

Film actor Eddie Garcia is a year away from turning 90-years-old, and he is as busy as ever. With over 300 films to his credit, the 89-year-old’s stamina for projects does not seem to wane in the slightest.

The same can be said for Gina Pareño. While considerably younger at 69-years-old, the actress has defied set expectations for the older folks in show biz. Gina started her career in the 1960’s and her performances have been given special recognition through FAMAS and Film Academy of the Philippines awards.

With Hintayan ng Langit, a 2018 QCinema entry that saw a nationwide release last November 21, Eddie and Gina have again cast convention aside. In this Dan Villegas-helmed drama, we see the two showbiz mainstays as top-billed stars.

How often do we even see these, nowadays? With the Pinoy palate clamoring for the tried and tested comedies, romances, and action-driven films, Hintayan ng Langit offers the casual viewer a whiff, as it were, of fresh air.

The two characters are waiting to go to heaven in Hintayan ng Langit.

“When I first read the Hintayan Ng Langit script for QCinema, I couldn’t put it down, and when I finished it, I couldn’t hold back my tears,” says Globe Studios Head, Quark Henares.

“When I handed it to our producers, they felt the same way. This is a film Globe Studios had to do, and I’m so proud and happy we’re giving everyone a chance to see it nationwide. It’s different. It’s touching. It stays with you.”         

Globe Studios has been delivering “heartfelt but top-quality films” for Pinoy film buffs.

The film was originally conceived as a one-act stage play by spoken word poet, Juan Miguel Severo. The play was staged at the Virgin Lab Fest.  Juan Miguel notes that despite its unconventional leads, the film will resonate with millennials who hold their grandparents dear.

Hintayan ng Langit began its theatrical run on November 21. Catch the film at selected cinemas nationwide.

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