Michael Jackson still loved by fans on 10th death anniversary

June 25, 2019 marked ten years since the day the King of Pop Michael Jackson passed away at the age of 50, and fans continue to show their love and respect for the singer from all around the world.

Local fans gathered outside Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale, California where the singer’s remains are buried, holding a minute’s silence at 2:26PM – the same time Jackson was pronounced dead 10 years ago. Mourners broke into tears and embraces as they all sang Jackson’s “Heal the World”.

A Michael Jackson tribute isn’t complete without impersonators and memorabilia, and many left items outside the private mausoleum such as posters, sequined gloves, and even a replica of Jackson’s red jacket from “Thriller”.

Short messages from all over the globe flew in to honor Jackson such as “Forever King,” “We’ll never forget you,” and “We’ll never let you part.” One fan from the Netherlands even flew in to be with fellow fans she met on Facebook: “We all feel the same – the love for Michael as a person, his music.”

Another fan, from Italy, brought her 79-year-old mother to pay their respects to the departed singer, “We feel like as if we are close to the people who just enjoy Michael as much as we did.”

On June 25, 2009, Jackson died of a propofol overdose (he used the drug as a sleeping aid). His estate out out a statement to mark the special anniversary, “A decade later, Michael Jackson is still with us, his influence embedded in dance, fashion, art and music of the moment. He is more important than ever.”

Story and photos from Reuters.

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