Grandparents celebrate 60th anniversary with an adorable photoshoot
The couple also shared their marriage secrets

Photographer Abigail Lydick wanted to give her grandparents, George and Ginger Brown, a special gift for their 60th wedding anniversary, and she had the best idea ever – a wedding-style photoshoot.

She invited her grandparents, who live in South Carolina, to New Jersey for a family visit and asked them to bring nice clothes as she wanted to take them out for their anniversary; they only found out the real plans upon arriving.

“Of course they said yes, because they’ll do anything for their grandchildren!” said Lydick in an interview, “Then I got to work with some of our favorite local vendors to get [Grandma] a dress to wear, hair and makeup and florals.”

Lydick shared that her grandparents shocked and nervous but excited to be in front of the camera. During the shoot the couple shared their secrets to a long and happy marriage:

  • “Don’t go to bed if you’re angry”
  • “Be prepared to forgive, always, because you just have to do it”
  • “Maintain a good sense of humor”

Lydick herself finds inspiration in her grandparents’ relationship, “They aren’t afraid to talk about the hard stuff but are always ready to celebrate the good stuff. When you are with someone for so long, there are bound to be bad days. But I always say that the bad days are what make the good days shine the brightest.”

Take a look a below for more of the adorable photos Lydick took of George and Ginger from a viral post she posted on Facebook:

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Story from HuffPost. Photos from Abigail Gingerale Photography.

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