60-year-old mailman cleans tombstones that nobody visits

As a mailman, Clarence Hollowell works from Monday to Saturday delivering for the Jacksonville Beach Post. On Sundays, his only day-off, he goes to cemeteries and cleans the tombstones of war veterans who don’t get any visitors – to date he’s cleaned over 600.

“Everybody’s gotta have a project. And I think if you can help the community, even better,” said Hollowell. He only recently moved to Jacksonville, Florida from North Carolina, where he also spent time cleaning headstones as well.

Hollowell is an ex-army man himself and comes from long line of army veterans, so he understands the feeling of visiting these departed heroes. “A veteran is a veteran,” he puts it, “[if] one person comes over and looks, I’m happy.”

Story from McGill Media.

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