This 83-year-old who served as a flower girl for her granddaughter’s wedding is just adorable
Who said you had to be young to be a flower girl?

Brenna Kleman and Brock Kendall tied the knot last April, but what made the ceremony even more joyous was Brenna’s 83-year-old grandmother walking down the aisle as a flower girl – throwing petals and all.

27-year-old Brenna, who is a registered nurse, got the idea from one of her patients who also became a flower girl for her own granddaughter’s wedding. Upon being asked, Brenna’s grandma was “happy to oblige.”

‘The whole congregation just could not stop smiling when they watched Grandma walk down the aisle,” shared Brenna, “She got a little teary eyed … she said she wanted to make sure that she did everything OK for my day.”

Her grandmother even nearly stole the show when wedding photographers captured her happily throwing flower petals, “I felt excited and blessed to be there.”

Brenna’s grandparents have been married for 63 years, and though they can’t dance together anymore (her grandfather needs a walker), Grandma brings him to dancing venues all the same. Brenna hopes her own marriage turns out like theirs.

As the newly-wedded groom Brock said, “Age doesn’t matter”, don’t you agree?

Story and photos from Daily Mail.

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