These heartwarming photos of grandparents with their grandkids are too precious
Spend time with your grandchildren while you can

For the past year, photographer Sujata Setia has gone around the world taking photos of elderly people with their grandchildren and/or great-grandchildren, and giving them the photos as a gift.

Setia was inspired to do such after noticing had photos with everyone in her family but her grandparents: “I think my parents never took enough pictures of me and my grandparents because you always believe your parents are invincible until the day they leave you.”

“When they’re gone, there’s a sense of loss over the lack of photos. You realize memories alone tend to become a fuzzy version of reality with time.” – Sujata Setia

Whether she is on the street, in a mall, or in transit, she offers to take photos in her signature natural-light, painting-like style. And we have to say, they look amazing:

Oftentimes Setia’s subjects have yet to spend much time together, making the moments between grandparents and the children even more special. She hopes her project inspires other elderly people to take photos with their grandkids before it’s too late.

Setia is enjoying taking these kinds of photos, and is yet to stop anytime soon. For now, take a look at more of her precious photos:

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