Take Your Pills on Time With the Pill Reminder

By GEORGE NAVA TRUE II / Content Editor

What good is medicine if you don’t take it? Obviously, it won’t help, especially if you just keep it in your purse or medicine cabinet. If you don’t follow your prescription, the consequences could be deadly.

In the United States, medication non-adherence is a big problem among patients, according to Medisafe. This leads to 125,000 deaths and 700,000 hospital visits yearly. Fortunately, that company has come up with the perfect solution: the Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker.

Winner of the Google Editor’s Choice Award in 2016, this useful app will help you remember when to take your pills and how to take them. It gives timely reminders for all kinds of medicines and instructs users whether these should be taken with food or not.

Pill Reminder

Track Your Medicines

If you need help in tracking your medications, you can rely on the Pill Reminder to alert family and friends the moment you miss a dose. Do you want to show your doctor what medicines you’ve taken?  No sweat! This user-friendly app can generate daily and monthly medication progress reports that you can present to your physician or nurse the next time you visit them.

What’s more, you’ll be reminded when it’s time to buy medicines and how to avoid dangerous drug interactions that can occur if you’re taking multiple medications. This life-saving app not only tells you the right time to take pills but prevents double-dosing that can be just as dangerous.

Customized Reminders

In addition, the Pill Reminder helps users track blood pressure, weight, and blood sugar levels so they can monitor them. Customize your reminders and get the tone you like. It’s easy with the app’s huge library of medication reminder sounds.

With its many features, the Pill Reminder empowers patients to take charge of their health. No wonder it’s been downloaded a million times. Get it now at Google Play or the App Store and never forget a pill again!


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