Take the Pain Out of Ironing

Woman ironing painting by the late Spanish painter and architect Roberto Fernandez Balbuena.

Although ironing can burn as much as 157 calories equivalent to about 30 minutes of water aerobics, it’s not an easy task as many women will tell you.

Aside from jacking up your electric bill, ironing is tiring and time-consuming. It becomes even more challenging if you’re old and have arthritis that is characterized by pain and loss of strength and mobility. Even someone like Iron Man will probably think twice before taking on this job.

Woman ironing by the late Spanish painter and architect Roberto Fernandez Balbuena.

Improve Ironing

Thanks to the geniuses at Philips, women can breathe a sigh of relief. The world’s No. 1 one ironing brand has come up with a unique solution to improve the way people iron so they can easily care for the clothes they love. That becomes possible with the Garment Steamer, one of the many products the company has in its innovative line of steaming solutions.

Designed for easy crease removal, the Garment Steamer is the perfect appliance for quick touch-ups to delicate and difficult to iron clothes. It comes with a steam plate that is 25 percent larger to cover more areas in one stroke.

Easy to Operate

What’s more, the product is easy to operate. Just fill the detachable tank with water and set your preferred steam level for optimal results on different kinds of fabric. Shaped like a portable vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer (depending on your imagination), it can be used for long steaming sessions and comes with an adjustable pole for various height settings.

Franklin Chan, Fabriano Spa Inc. general manager (Philips distributor), and Urasinee Patarasongkram (right), country manager, Philips Philippines Inc., unveil the Garment Steamer.

Using PureSteam technology, the powerful penetrating steam pressure can remove creases in a few strokes. The special garment hanger or adjustable ErgoFit board gives users a stable and comfortable support. In addition, the hose of the steamer is made of silicon which makes it safe.

The next time you need to iron out problems caused by a ton of wrinkled clothes, don’t suffer in silence with a conventional iron. Get the Philips Garment Steamer and live like a queen. For more information, visit www.philips.com.ph.


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  1. The full-size ironing board is the one you will see more often than not as almost every household has one. It is the stand-alone ironing board that you can move around wherever you choose.

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