St. Lukes Medical Center Quezon City unveils the fastest CT scanner in the Philippines

Through the years, St. Lukes Medical Center Quezon City (SLMC-QC) has taken the lead in acquiring top of the line CT Scanners to serve its patients better.

The hospital’s CT scanner history started way back in 1995 when it acquired its first scanner, the 2400 CT single slice, which took one image for every rotation. Three years later, SLMC-QC bought the CT Twin and in 1999, the CT Tomoscan helical. Fasttrack to 2002 (16-multislice), and SLMC-QC kept on updating its CT scanners with new units purchased in 2005 (64-slice), 2009 (256-slice), and 2018 with the first SOMATOM Force 1,152 slice Dual Source Dual Energy CT Scan from Siemens Healthineers.

“St. Lukes is proud to introduce yet another marvel in the healthcare industry. As the first healthcare institution to bring the high-powered 1,152-slice CT scanner from Siemens Healthineers in the country, we are redefining CT exams through gentler imaging procedures with highly-reliable results taken at unparalleled speed,” shares Dr. Arturo De La Peña, president and CEO of St. Lukes Medical Center.

(From left) Dr. Roy Vizcarra, head of Institute of Radiology, (SLMC-QC),  Arturo S. De La Peña M.D., FPCS, FACS, president and chief executive officer of St. Luke’s Medical Center, Mr. Oliver Perez, business development manager for Computed Tomography from Siemens Healthineers (Image from SLMC-QC)

This new scanner brings the latest in imaging technology which allows the system to capture larger and clearer view of the body (bones, blood vessel, soft tissues, etc) with colored results. The colored images can aid the physicians to give an adequate reading of the results.

“From time to time, we are confronted with various clinical situations that call for advanced imaging that is already available in other countries. With the addition of SOMATOM Force in St. Luke’s Quezon City’s Institute of Radiology, we are now equipped to bring the country’s healthcare standards to a new level in the early detection and treatment of diseases,” tells Dr. Roy Vizcarra, head of St. Lukes Quezon City Institute of Radiology.

One of the clinical benefits provided by the 1,152-slice CT scan technology is having colored results.

“We can now scan a beating heart in a fraction of a second compared to other systems which in itself is a breakthrough in cardiac CT,” he adds.

Dr. Vizcarra goes on to explain that thanks to the latest technology used by this CT scan, patients no longer have to hold their breath, or even be sedated in order to get the clearest image.

“Oftentimes, motion in CT scanning can cause blurring. But with this system, free breathing no longer impedes image quality even for patients with high heart rates. The use of beta blockers to slow down the patient’s heart rate is no longer routinary,” admits Dr. Vizcarra.

From kids to senior citizens, tall or small, to those who have difficulty in breathing or standing, the 1,152-slice CT scan can accommodate almost all kinds of patients.

This powerful and high speed CT scanner is also guaranteed safe for patients with its ultra low-dose scanning.

Dr. De La Peña ends his speech with this statement: “St. Lukes is noted to go into innovative treatment but we don’t go into innovation just for the sake of change. We are not obsessed with bigness but we are obsessed with the major componentsis our diagnosis/treatment going to be better, safer, faster, ‘cheaper’ for our patients?”

The answer is a resounding “Yes!” with the SOMATOM Force 1,152 slice Dual Source Dual Energy CT Scan.

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