Senior-friendly Ways To Celebrate New Year’s

How time flies, 2018 will be over in a few days, and 2019 will be upon us!

As we wait for another year to roll in, a lot of families are making their preparations on how to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Not to mention another midnight feast that everyone is craving for (yes, leftover Christmas ham included).

Our elderly loved ones too are excited to celebrate the coming of a new year, and The Good Life want to make sure that their celebrations are quite safe and harmless, but still enough to make some memorable moments until and when the clock strikes midnight. Here are some recommended ways to celebrate:

Luces fireworks
This type of firework is popular among families, especially for little children – and it’s good for senior citizens too! There is less worry about getting burned or unwanted explosions, just hold up your wand-like firework and make the night as magical as you want.

Blowing Horns
Because other fireworks are a little dangerous (and mostly likely banned), we suggest making other noises that won’t be as harmful for aging ears. Blowing a horn is enough of a loud noise to make – just make sure not to blow in someone else’s ears.

Honking car horns
Everyone will be making noises of all sorts, why not make a noise that everyone uses everyday? If you still have a car with you, or any vehicle of sorts, sound that horn to match the fireworks popping in the sky and your family’s loud shouts of “Happy New Year!”

Expect the children to be playing their favorite songs on Spotify, but that shouldn’t stop you from dancing to your own music. Collect golden hits and classics, hit that play button, and show your family and friends how grooving went down back in the day!

The party mainstay. If you’re not feeling like boasting on the dancefloor, then just belt out your favorite tunes on the microphone. Aim for the 100!

Age becomes an advantage when recounting life stories. While waiting for the fireworks to go up (and even after the sky is clear), share some memorable moments to younger loved ones – especially times before they were born, and you were the one living life on the edge. Their surprised looks will last until next year!

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