Rick Price shares reason behind his song “Heaven Knows”
The 57-year old Australian singer also breaks down writing love songs

“Music is powerful,” that’s what 57-year old singer Rick Price had to say as he looked backed at his career that began 30 years ago, and still continues to write and produce songs for those filled with love.

Price arrived in Manila last Saturday, Feb. 9, in preparation for his Heaven Knows Tour, highlighting the album that jumpstarted his career in 1992 which featured the song of the same name; popularly known among those clinging to lost loves.

The story behind love songs and Heaven Knows

For Price, he feels to a degree being accountable for writing his love songs, “I just like to acknowledge I’m a human being, I’m more than just my songs, they’re just my [expressions] of myself.” But he also believes that people have “the freedom to be whatever they need to be” in certain moments, whether good or bad, making mistakes – they are all part of being human.

Price shared that he wrote “Heaven Knows” after experiencing a terrible heartbreak, but learned over the years that the key to moving on is to not stay attached. “It’s about loving, it’s about experiencing pain and loss, but it’s also about letting go,” he aptly puts it.

“When I realized that I could still love that woman [who he based the song on], I didn’t have to stop loving her – that’s what set me free, that’s what got me over the heartache,” he also shares, “I can still love her, I just have to let her go.”

What matters for him more is to live in the moment because “keeping attached to things we don’t have will kill our own power”, which is an advice he tells his son. He adds, “True happiness isn’t holding on to things and keeping possession of them, it’s being alive in the moment we are now, and it’s great.”

Price will be having his “Heaven Knows Tour 2019” on Friday, Feb. 15 at the New Frontier Theater, and joining him will be Joey Generoso and Jinky Vidal, former lead vocalists of Side A and Freestyle, respectively, as they perform love ballads of the ’80s through the 2000s.

Tickets for the Heaven Knows Tour 2019 are available via ticketnet.com.ph

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