Rick Price looks forward to his post-Valentine’s concert
The singer behind "Heaven Knows" is enjoying his stay in the Philippines

It will be a special Valentine’s Day this year for 57-year old Australian singer Rick Price as he will be spending it here in the Philippines preparing for his upcoming Heaven Knows Tour concert on Friday, Feb. 15.

Price was amused at the thought that he doesn’t know what he will be doing on Valentine’s Day, which takes place before his concert. He says though that for him Valentine’s Day is beyond the typical boyfriend-girlfriend/husband-wife relationships.

“It’s a beautiful day to celebrate love in general. You can send a Valentine to a favorite pet, to your kids… it’s just a day where I’ll wake up and be grateful for all the love that I have in my life, and people that I have love for,” said the singer.

The Filipino experience

This is actually Price’s second visit to the Philippines, having been here in the early ’90s when his hit song “Heaven Knows” was just released. He is looking forward to performing for his Filipinos fans on Friday, almost like a post-Valentine’s treat for them.

“There’s a gentleness [and a kindness] in the spirit of Filipino people, and I love that. I don’t think there’s any greater quality that a human being can have,” he says about his Filipino fans, “It’s pretty overwhelming to come to a country with so much of that in the air, it’s pretty special, I feel very privileged to be here.”

Last Sunday, Price was a guest on ABS-CBN’s variety show ASAP, and he commented that hosts and longtime OPM singers Martin Nievera and Gary Valenciano were “very good singers”.

Price will be accompanied on Friday by Joey Generoso and Jinky Vidal, former lead vocalists of Side A and Freestyle, respectively, as they perform love ballads of the ’80s through the 2000s. He promises a few surprises to go along with his very own “Heaven Knows”.

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