QUICK PEEK: Ruffa Gutierrez celebrates father Eddie’s birthday with throwback photos
The Gutierrez patriarch turned 77

Photo posted by @iloveruffag on Instagram

As their family’s TV reality show said, it takes “gutz” to be a Gutierrez, and no one shows it more than big daddy himself, Eddie Gutierrez. Last February 6, the senior Gutierrez turned 77 and was honored by friends and colleagues alike, but his only daughter Ruffa went the extra step to celebrate.

With more than 1.6 million followers on Instagram (@iloveruffag), Ruffa made it known to her fans how much she loved her dad, even commenting on how good-looking he is for a man his age. “Have you seen him? He looks AMAZING!!” she aptly put on her Instagram post.

Some of the other photos that Ruffa posted of her father were with some fellow actors, most notably taken during September 2018’s ABS-CBN Ball. Some of these actors include Daniel Padilla and Maja Salvador – Ruffa even posted an older birthday celebration photo of Eddie with Kim Chiu (both seem to haven’t aged at all!)

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Of course in most of the photos, Eddie with his wife of almost 30 years, actress Annabelle Rama. Eddie and Annabelle have five children together – Rocky, Elvis, Ritchie Paul, twins Richard and Raymond, and of course, Ruffa. Eddie has two other sons from previous relationships, Tonton and Ramon.

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Perhaps the biggest throwback of all is the family photos that Ruffa put in separate posts. One photo features the Gutierrez family in 1982, when Ruffa and brother Rocky were the only children Eddie and Annabelle had at the time – we think Eddie definitely looks like one of his sons, we just can’t place which!

The other features the Gutierrez family today, with all the siblings complete this time – including the wives of Richard and Elvis, namely Sarah Labhati and Alexa Uichico-Gutierrez (both honorary Gutierrezes). Only missing are the grandchildren, who we bet are happy to have Lolo Eddie around.

Eddie as a hit television and movie star back in the 60s and 70s, with film appearances in Amaliang Mali-Mali Vs. Susanang DaldalAng Pangarap Ko’y Ikaw, among many others. He frequents in TV series more these days, with recent outings in FPJ’s Ang ProbinsyanoCain at Abel, and of course their family’s short lived reality show It Takes Gutz to Be a Gutierrez.

He has really made a mark on the entertainment industry, and we’re happy that Ruffa was able to share these photos with all her and her father’s fans. Here’s to more birthdays for the one and only Eddie Gutierrez!

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