QUICK PEEK: Old Filipino movie posters
Decade-old films starring Fernando Poe, Jr., Pilita Corrales, and Dolphy

We’ve found old photos of locations and roads, vintage photographs of the Philippine past, and even got a look of vehicles back in the day. Now The Good Life has stumbled upon a new rich find: vintage movie posters.

Before the loveteams like KathNiel and JaDine, blockbusters like Heneral Luna and Goyo, and an endless number of romantic-comedies, the Philippines experienced its golden age of cinema. These were the years where Gloria Romero, Nora Aunor, and Eddie Garcia were fresh faces onscreen, and my how talented they were then as they are now.

We went on Pinterest to find some old film posters of releases during this golden age of cinema, and we ended up with some real gems:

Zamboanga (1966)
Fernando Poe, Jr. and Susan Roces in one film. If the great FPJ was still alive today and this film was newly released, no doubt the tickets will come flowing in. The director, Efren Reyes, Sr., was an acclaimed action star himself before turning to directing.

Reyes was the grandson of author and playwright Severino Reyes, the man behind Lola Basyang and other popular zarzuelas (musical comedies), so it’s no surprise where he got the talent. Zamboanga was one of the last films Reyes directed before his early death at 43 two years later; the film won the FAMAS Best Supporting Actor for the late Lito Anzures.

The Jukebox Queen (1966)
Another movie that Efren Reyes directed that year was The Jukebox Queen starring the one and only Pilita Corrales. Dubbed as “Asia’s Queen of Songs”, Corrales made a name for herself in Australia before returning to the Philippines to make her mark in the entertainment industry.

Not only did she dominate the Filipino music scene during 1960s and 1970s, she appeared on numerous television shows and films such as The Jukebox Queen – which as the poster says was her second ever feature. One can only wonder how well Corrales sang her heart out in this rare unearthed jewel of a film.

Karate sa Karate (1965)
Filipinos love a good action film, just look at FPJ’s numerous filmography or even at Robin Padilla’s. But when you bring two great actors like Bernard Bonnin and Alberto Alonzo, you’re sure to get one hell of an action-packed blockbuster. Even the legendary Max Alvarado makes an appearance!

Alonzo frequented many action films as “Agent 69”, as did Bonnin during the 1960s. For those who do not know, Bonnin is of Spanish descent and is the father of model-actress Charlene Gonzales, the wife of Aga Muhlach.

Tanglaw sa Dilim (1961)
An earlier film that Bonnin starred in was 1961’s Tanglaw sa Dilim, written and directed by Susana C. De Guzman. Co-starring with Bonnin was a 21-year old Luz Valdez – her real name being Milagros Bernardo.

Though many of the cast of Tanglaw sa Dilim are long gone, Valdez has flourished on television like in Idol Ko si KapCalla Lily, and most recently in The General’s Daughter.

Buy One, Take One (1968)
This is the ensemble film to beat all ensemble films (at least among the posters we found). Just look at that comedic cast – Dolphy “Da King of Comedy” Quizon, fellow legendary comedian Panchito Alba, again an appearance by Pilita Corrales, Eddie Gutierrez (the Gutierrez family patriarch), former Bb. Pilipinas Pilar Pilapil, and Bert LeRoy Jr.

Even the supporting cast has some outstanding names: vaudeville-comedians Bayani Casimiro and Dely Atay-Atayan, another iconic comedian Babalu, Dolphy’s brother Georgie Quizon, and Rodolfo “Boy” Garcia.

We also have more vintage and throwback pieces below:

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