QUICK PEEK: Celebrities Welcome 2019 In High Spirits

Would you look at that, it’s now 2019! 2018 was year full of ups and downs, celebrations and misfortunes, triumphs and losses – all in all, a year that taught us so much to carry on in the new year.

Many of us celebrated New Year’s Eve with such excitement, horns blowing everywhere and fireworks painting the night sky, all of us just looking forward to what 2019 has in store for everyone.

Meanwhile, celebrities had their own celebrations in welcoming the new year, them too having a fun time that will surely mean a great 2019 is heading their way. Take a look at some of their happy moments!

Grammy Award winner Lionel Richie posted on Instagram a video of fireworks, exploding along to the hit song “Firework” by fellow American Idol judge Katy Perry. You can see Lionel dancing along towards the end!

Some celebrities went traditional and kissed their significant others at the stroke of midnight. TV stars like Steve Harvey (Family Feud, Little Big Shots) and David Hasselhoff (Baywatch) were able to capture the moment on camera!

Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct, Casino) posted a throwback photo of her during New Year’s Eve back in 1979. 40 years later, she looks pretty much the same! That’s great ageing for you.

R&B singer Diana Ross (“Stop! In The Name Of Love”, “I’m Coming Out”) gathered her whole family together for New Year’s Eve and dressed up in matching onesies. Just look at how cute they all are together!

Local celebrities also had some special moments with their families, especially Charo Santos and Annabelle Rama – along with her husband Eddie Gutierrez – who posted photos on Instagram with their grandchildren.

Actor-politician Richard Gomez had no stops as he posted an amusing video of him jogging with daughter Julianna and the rest of their family in Ormoc. As Richard said, need to sweat those holiday fat away right?

We hope your New Year’s celebrations were just as joyful and memorable. A blank slate lies ahead for all of us, so let’s make 2019 a year to remember by living the good life!

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