Quick Medical Convenience in the Metro
A new clinic and laboratory promises fast and reliable results

Medical director Dr. Jumel Bornilla with one of the clinic's high quality machines.

If you’re in a rush to get a certain medical test, or looking for a clinic near the office, you’re in luck. AccuraXpress Diagnostics is a new clinic that promises accurate and quick medical services, equipped with the latest technology and the friendliest staff on the block.

Situated right in the middle of Makati’s business district, AccuraXpress offers a wide array of services such as check-ups (executive, OB-Gyne, etc.) and medical examinations (pre-employment, annual physical), making it the ideal place to have yourself checked.

The clinic’s name is a play-on-words for “accuracy,” according to medical director Dr. Jumel Bornilla, as it guarantees precise results even for patients who are in a rush. It promises results within two hours, although data is sent to their reading partners in Taguig, which is sent back in 15 minutes.

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Results can be given according to the patient’s preference because patients’ records will be digitally stored. The convenience of digital results means that patients whose doctors are based in a different region or country can send soft copies immediately rather than full-length papers and data which may be folded or creased in the mail.

Patients don’t even have to wait in the clinic to receive the results, they may just obtain these via e-mail or have AccuraXpress directly send the files to their doctor’s e-mail.

The clinic’s equipment is also of high quality, including a full-body X-ray machine with an automated imaging system. The rest of the equipment are in the laboratory located above the clinic. Each of the machines, suited for tertiary-level hospitals, are capable of analyzing dozens of samples inside an hour.

AccuraXpress’ laboratory is in the second floor of the Medical Towers, and contains tertiary level equipment.

Apart from company check-ups, the clinic is also open to walk-in patients and charity cases, even to their more exclusive examinations like drug testing and for HIV (1 and 2). All services are assuredly affordable, including consultations with AccuraXpress’ highly-trained practitioners.

AccuraXpress is set to accept patients just before December rolls in, so if you’re in need of a check-up, you know where to go!

AccuraXpress is found on the ground floor of Medical Towers Makati, VA Rufino St. cor Ormaza St., Legaspi Village, and is open from 7AM-7PM on weekdays (until 12NN on Saturday, closed on Sundays).

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