Quick Guide to Essential Undas Needs
These are the basic necessities to remember


Once the fun of Halloween, costumes, decorations, and trick-or-treating is over, things settle down and become a little serious as the whole family gathers together to visit their dearly departed. This November 1 and 2 is the observance of All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day, respectively, which will extend to a long weekend.

Expect then a lot of families to visit the cemeteries, memorial parks, and columbariums where deceased loved ones are resting in peace. Others will head out of the metro for a little holiday or a short out-of-town trip for those whose dearly departed are buried in the province.

Wherever you’ll be visiting this Undas weekend, it helps to be prepared for any situation that may occur. As such, The Good Life has prepared a list of essential needs we suggest you pack now so your visit will be free of any hassle and discomfort:


Rain or shine, it helps to be prepared. Always have a foldable umbrella in your bag or on your person in case of a sudden drizzle, and keep an extra umbrella in your vehicle.


The simplest thing you can do for your dearly departed is light a candle and offer a prayer for them. We suggest you bring extra candles to leave inside the columbarium (in case you forget next time), or use an electric candle!

Garbage Bag

Clean as you go! Show respect not only to the dead but to the environment as well. Do your part in keeping the surroundings clean.


With all the stories to share between friends and relatives, it’s best to bring a stool or chair to keep comfortable in case you decide to extend your stay for a few more hours.


Sunblock lotion and bug spray

Protect yourself from those harsh rays and annoying pests wherever you’ll be visiting this weekend.


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