Putting Pieces Together: The Lego Movie 101
Catch up on some toy brick knowledge and impress the kids

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You remember LEGO® right? The small toy bricks that you got your children, perhaps even your grandchildren? Maybe the memories of accidentally stepping on a LEGO® brick late at night is enough to remind you of the popular toy.

Ole Kirk Christiansen’s initial ideas for children’s toys in 1932 later inspired the now popular little bricks that have been manufactured since 1949, and today LEGO® bricks have grown to be a hit global sensation for kids of all ages having produced more than 600 billion pieces.

The Lego Movie

LEGO®’s popularity reached its peak when Warner Bros. released The Lego Movie in 2014, inspired by the many toys constructed by The Lego Group. The film was a critically-acclaimed box-office hit, garnering many nominations and awards, including a Best Original Song nomination in the 87th Academy Awards.

Some of you may have been dragged by little children to cinemas just to see their favorite toys come to life (literally), and got to see just how much people loved the movie. It was so good that it inspired two spin-off films and an upcoming sequel – The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

Now there are some of you who may have not seen The Lego Movie, and are just imagining a bunch of figurines talking and building nonsense with the same bricks you got them for Christmas; but if your kids or grandkids will be begging you to go to the theaters, we’d better catch you up to speed.


Emmet Brickowski – the main character of The Lego Movie is a happy-go-lucky construction worker LEGO® figurine, who is prophesied to be “The Special”. Emmet is voiced by Chris Pratt (Jurassic World, Guardians of the Galaxy).

Wyldstyle – the kick-ass hero whose real name is Lucy who teams with Emmet, serving as his love interest. She is voiced by Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Game, Pitch Perfect).

Lord Business – the evil antagonist who seeks tyrannical order, and his plan is to glue the entire Lego Universe to achieve perfection. Business is voiced by Will Ferrell, who plays another role in the film (more on that later).

Master Builders – Master Builders can build anything with their imagination. Some popular LEGO® toys feature as Master Builders such as Batman (Will Arnett), MetalBeard (Nick Offerman), Princess Unikitty (Alison Brie), and 80’s Space Guy (Charlie Day). Wyldstyle is also a Master Builder.

Plot Overview

As mentioned earlier, Master Builders are trying to stop Lord Business from gluing the entire Lego universe. Emmet is the uncanny hero because of a fake prophecy given by the old LEGO® wizard Vitruvius (voiced by no other than Morgan Freeman). Using the “Piece of Resistance”, which is the glue’s cover, they try to overcome Business’ evil plan.

What we learn during the film is that everything is happening through the hands of a boy named Finn, who is playing with his father’s carefully glued LEGO® sets. His father (Will Ferrell) realizes that his perfectionism has constricted his son’s imagination (as Finn based Business on his father), so he unglues the sets.

Images from The Lego Movie

The father’s change of heart is mirrored in the Lego Universe after Lord Business hears an inspiring speech by Emmet. He caps the glue with the “Piece of Resistance”, and creative order is restored – that is until LEGO® Duplo toys arrive because Finn’s father has allowed his young daughter to play with sets as well.


What adults – parents and grandparents alike – should take away from this film is what Finn’s father learns from Emmet’s monologue. He tells Lord Business that the reason why everything in their universe is special is because they are built out of inspiration and creativity. This is exactly what Christiansen envisioned when he created LEGO® all those years ago, he wanted kids to create their own fun.

Through well-edited cuts and camerawork, it appears that Emmet (and Finn) is not only talking to Lord Business (and Finn’s father) but to us adults. We’re the ones who look over children as they play with their toys, and we’re too busy thinking of how perfect things should be, we forget that they are still young and deserve to have fun, be inspired, and tap into their own creativity.

Finn and his father bonding in the basement over LEGO® is the image every parent and grandparent wants to see with their kids. The years in between adult and children may cause some differences, but it just takes a simple toy brick to bridge generations together. There is probably nothing more beautiful than seeing your child or grandchild laughing and having fun with his mom, dad, lolo, or lola.

So you may not be familiar with every character introduced in The Lego Movie (because there is a LOT), but if you know what Emmet and his friends did for the Lego universe, that should be enough LEGO® knowledge to impress the young ones. There won’t be any doubt then they’ll be happy to beside you in theatres once The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part rolls in, and that would be just awesome.

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part” arrives in Philippine cinemas February 13, 2019.

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