PHLPost releases special stamps for Valentine’s Day
Make way for the King and Queen of Hearts!

Filipinos know a thing or two about love, there is a whole songbook on the karaoke dedicated to love songs you could harana to someone. Even a simple gift of chocolates or flowers is enough to make Valentine’s all the more special.

But remember back in the day when you would eagerly wait by your mailbox for a handwritten letter from a particular someone? It may be a significant other from far away, a relative living overseas, or just your best friend writing from down the road.

There’s just something so special and intimate about getting a letter, even until today. Nothing spells out love than handwritten words from someone you really care about. Well, Valentine’s just got a little sweeter because of the Philippine Postal Corporation’s (PHLPost) latest project.

The King & Queen of Hearts

PHLPost are ready to make those Valentine’s letters all the more heartwarming having unveiled their “King and Queen of Hearts” stamps. The two royals don the national costumes of the Philippines as their way of celebrating Valentine’s Day – or Araw ng mga Puso – on February 14.

Writing what you feel onto a piece of paper and sending it with the perfect stamp will always get people kilig, as they say it these days, no matter where you are writing from. Even your grandkids won’t deny that getting a letter will make them a lot happier on Feb. 14.

Rest assured that your Valentine’s love letters will be protected and made all the more special with the King and Queen of Hearts. Get them now and let your loved ones know what you think about them!

Stamps are available at the Philatelic Counter, Manila Central Post Office, Liwasang Bonifacio 1000, Manila and all postal areas of PHLPost.

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