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Lola Androgynous shares her secret to being a fashion icon

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Some people think that age is a limiting factor to what a person can or can’t do. But for Tessie Singson, better known as Lola Androgynous to her thousands of Instagram followers, these numbers don’t define her.

At 65, Tessie still walks the streets as if every lane is a catwalk. She got the moniker from her style preferencemixing boyish pieces with a feminine touch by adding a little “kakikayan” to the overall look.

She posts her outfits on her Instagram account (@lolaandrogynous) which has been receiving positive response from individuals who appreciate her gender-fluid style.

“The feedback from all kinds of people I’m getting is indeed overwhelming. I never expected the impact of one’s way of dressing to others until now. For the most part I am grateful to be able to somehow inspire people to express themselves through their OOTD (outfit of the day),” admits Tessie.

How It Started For Her

At a young age, Tessie’s mother loved to dress her up since she was the only other female in their family. She grew up with three brothers who exercised their masculinity.

But before she became “Lola Androgynous,” Tessie shares that she had a ‘generic’ taste when it comes to fashion. It was through her son, JP Singson, and their trips to fashion hubs that started the gender-neutral style that she is now known for.

“We have a very collaborative relationship. He normally sources or find interesting things for me. And then we sort of play together to come up with interesting looks,” Tessie tells The Good Life.

She and JP hold shoots about twice a week so Lola Androgynous can have more style ideas which she can share with her followers on Instagram.

Steal That Look

Lola Androgynous usually sports loose-fitting clothing for maximum comfort and mobility. She also has a lot of blacks and whites, showcasing a minimalist style, which she partners with pieces that have bold colors.

Tessie even shows her funky side by wearing platform shoes, mismatched earrings, and other pieces that defy the notion that fashion is only for the young.

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But when it comes to finding the right, timeless look, Tessie shares that one can never go wrong with a classic white shirt and that versatile little black dress.

She learned from her son’s styling advice that it’s very important to have your own personal style.

Take it from her fashion advice: “Do not just follow what other celebrities or fashion bloggers are wearing. Also, know your body and body type. There are some things that are not meant for everyone.”

Comfort is one of the main considerations when Tessie chooses her clothes. Since she’s not bagets anymore, this factor is placed right at the top of her list of priorities. Style comes next in her list, to make sure any piece seamlessly goes well with other items in her closet. That’s why it’s quite easy for her to dress up in the morning because most of her clothes are easy to mix and match.

And for those who really want to steal her look, Tessie and her son are managing an Instagram account called “Lola A Closet” where the pair sell their finds from their trips and even some of Lola’s pre-loved items.

More In Store

Recently, Tessie has been hailed as the new style maven for the international footwear brand, Melissa. She humbly expressed how nice it is to be appreciated even if she’s not a celebrity or a socialite.

She’s also currently working with her son JP on a capsule project inspired by her followers on social media who have expressed their interest in seeing her own personal line. She hopes to launch it next year.

The mother-son duo have also started “Lola A Bijoux,” an Instagram-based selling platform for wearable art jewelry showcasing their favorite vintage and contemporary fashion jewelry finds from their trips.

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