Massimo Dutti releases their Chinese New Year collection

This February 5, everyone will be celebrating Chinese New Year; so expect an abundance of tikoy, lion dancers, and lanterns upon lanterns. The Philippines has a strong Chinese community, and even the locals love having a reason to celebrate.

To make the festivities even livelier, Massimo Dutti has released their special Chinese New Year collection inspired by Chinese culture and traditions. From vibrant red designs to symbolisms along the threads, there are outfits made for everyone!

Red for the men

The color red is found everywhere during the Chinese New Year festivities as it symbolizes superstition and good fortune. These are reflected in the Massimo Dutti’s specially tailored clothing for men, with a touch red somewhere or all over the garments.

The designs are also inspired by the richness, opulence, and sophistication of the Lion Dance and Dragon parades, blended well with the red’s whimsical fabrics. The pig graphic (as 2019 is the Year of the Earth Pig) is also hinted in some of the men’s accessories.

Red and dashes of blue for women

Red is also a prominent color for the women’s clothes, but Massimo Dutti has mixes it with sophisticated night blue colors for the vibrant and fresh look. Such innovation is to reflect the importance the Asian market to the company.

From scarf print long dresses to red floral shirt dresses (for the casual fit), the outfits for Chinese New Year seem endless. Massimo Dutti recommends the red guipure dress as it is an an exaltation of femininity, minimalism, simplicity, and romance – looks like you have a Valentine’s dress ready as well!

All fittings and patterns have been specially studied and developed by the design teams in Massimo Dutti’s Headquarters. Visit for more information.

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