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Anthony Pangilinan tackles John Maxwell’s 21 leadership laws

Anthony, Maricel, and Hannah Pangilinan team up to teach living leadership at home, the workplace, and other platforms. (Photo from @anthonypangilinan)

“What brings you here as leaders?”

This is the question that management trainer and motivational speaker Anthony Pangilinan asked the participants of the latest training program by leadership author John Maxwell.

Based on Maxwell’s book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, Anthony expounded on how to live the mentioned leadership laws at home and at the workplace in a seminar held at Marco Polo Ortigas last November 16.

For the father of five, John Maxwell simplifies his teachings so that people will get a simple understanding of leadership. “He puts it in a very lay language when he says something like “teamwork makes the dream work”, he puts it in a way that is so easily captured”.

Anthony broke down the laws into four disciplines, and was assisted by his wife, actress and homemaker Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, and their daughter Hannah who is an established influencer on YouTube.

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The first discipline, Leaders as Guides, explains how one has to be a guide before assuming leadership. According to Anthony, “Positions and titles don’t determine the influence. Guides take people to places they couldn’t have without them.” It is leadership that dictates influence nothing more, nothing less.

Hannah discussed the second discipline, Leaders as Partners and talked about how “influencing” has crossed the digital space and plays a big role in considering those you influence as people you work with. As Hannah puts it, “A leader has a heart that is willing to serve. Trust is the foundation of leadership.”

Anthony explained the third discipline, Leaders as Results Champions, by equating the quality of leadership to the sustainability of effective results. As a leader develops their skills and relationships, they inspire the people they lead to develop their own leadership qualities.

Maricel bounced from this to teach the final discipline, Leaders as Leader Makers, citing experiences at home with their children as they were growing up. By allowing apprentices to become leaders of their own, a leader is able to learn new applications of principles they demonstrated.

“I’ve [trained] Maxwell for the past 25 years in over 45 countries,” Anthony shares to The Good Life, indicating that Maxwell’s teachings transcends time, “He really made massive research efforts, he made sure that the 21 [laws] were drawn from all cultures and genders.”

Culminating photo of Anthony and Maricel Pangilinan with the seminar attendees.
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