Introducing Functional Medicine
The ROMLAS Health Group leads the way to this alternative treatment

In 2009, Marv and Cris Romero-Salas, sisters and visionaries, founded LifeScience a center for health and wellness, offering functional medicine as an alternative option for those who are looking for a different solution to their ailments.

But what is functional medicine?

Michael Genato, Group CEO of ROMLAS Health Group (RHG), shares a simplified definition. “Instead of viewing health problems based on symptoms, functional medicine treats the entire body, instead of just one organ relating to a particular symptom. This way, we are able to fully assess one’s state of health and identify areas that need to be addressed. It’s not about stopping symptoms from recurring, but identifying the root cause and eliminating them at a much deeper level.”

Michael Angelo Genato (Chief Executive Officer of ROMLAS Health Group)

Patient-Doctor Partnership

At the recent RHG event, the wellness company which was formed by the founders of LifeScience highlighted the importance of doctor-patient relationships. How this aspect of functional medicine adds a more personalized touch in treating patients.

The “partnership” starts with a consultation, wherein those who want to try functional medicine will have to answer a comprehensive questionnaire detailing the following:

  • Health concerns
  • Medical, family, and social history
  • Symptoms for the past six (6) months
  • And other medically-related questions

This step will ensure that the program created specifically for the patient will lead to recovery or the road to long term health.

“A lot of people may think that health issues naturally come with age, are generic or hereditary. What we want them to realize is that it’s not true that nothing can be done about it. With the right mindset, combined with the right program and tools, it is very possible to live long, quality ives free of health concerns we thought we couldn’t escape,” tells Michael Genato.

A Pioneer in Wellness

LifeScience, under RHG, has evolved through the years and established the LifeScience Center, the Global Medical Technologies Manila, and LifeScience Institute. Each branch has its own function when it comes to RHG’s goal to provide people access to better health.

LifeScience Center is where doctors and other health practitioners take charge of patients. Global Medical Technologies is where the diagnostics happen while while LifeScience Institute is where research, training, and mentoring take place.

By combining all three, RHG leads the way in educating Filipinos about functional medicine. Simply put, the group is passionate about health and wellness and Cris Romero-Salas, the operations director of LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness, tells it as it is: “We always believed that everybody deserves a better quality of life and we wanted to share this perspective to as many people as we can.”

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