Instagram user Photoshops celebrities with their younger selves
Get a blast from the past by this creative artist!

In this day and age, photo editing and manipulation can be easily done through Photoshop. Just by a few clicks and brushes, and your haggard pictures can come out looking fresh and clean.

But one Instagram user went a little creative and began Photoshop-ing celebrities alongside their younger selves, and made it look like they are actually in the same photo!

The user, Ard Gelinck (@ardgelinck on Instagram) posts his work on his personal page and on a second account purely devoted to these throwback pictures (@photo_time_traveling). Both profiles have a combined follower count of nearly 130,000! Take a look at his creativity and prepared to be blown away.

Take a look at Harrison Ford dressed up as his most iconic role ever, the scruffy Han Solo from Star Wars; the images are from his first appearance in A New Hope (1977) and his last one The Force Awakens (2015) – he hasn’t changed!

And British singer Phil Collins seems to have something on his mind, maybe the guy beside him could be a twin brother? Maybe a duet from the two Collins would make this even more surreal.

Some other celebrities that Gelinck put together are British singers Paul McCartney, looking dashing beside young Paul from the Beatles days, and Elton John, almost like a preview for his upcoming biopic Rocketman.

Madonna is as gorgeous as ever, and Michael J. Fox still looks like Marty McFly (we bet he could be future Marty if they made another Back to the Future).

If you’re still not convinced about his talent, just take a look at his photos of Sylvester Stallone and Tina Turner clasping hands and hugging their younger selves. It’s like they were actually in those moments!

Gelinck also made photo edits for celebrities who’ve already passed away like Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, and Freddie Mercury. That way we can remember them in both their primes and their final years.

We’re excited for what other celebrities Gelinck will be putting up, stay tuned on his profiles and he might just do your favorite artist next!

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