Hospitals implored to agree to a voluntary medical audit to meet global standards
Medical organization HealthCore offers expertise in international accreditation

HealthCore representatives: (from left) Mr. Angelo Bunagan, Hon. Roberto Pagdanganan, and Joyce Socao-Alumno

Everyone has surely heard of hospital “horror” stories like a surgical gauze accidentally left inside the patient after surgery or a recovering patient catching another infection during his stay in the intensive care unit?

These tales, unfortunately, did happen and not just in developing countries like the Philippines but also in the United States.

HealthCore, which is a center for international quality accreditation for healthcare and medical tourism in the Philippines, recently shared stories like the ones previously mentioned and even stated that in the United States, the third leading cause of death is due to medical errors.

These information were revealed by HealthCore not to incite fear among patients but to provide awareness that something can be done by patients, media and concerned citizens alike to have hospitals and clinics upgrade their facilities and agree to a medical audit.

“There’s something that needs to be done in the healthcare system. We cannot change everything. I believe it’s a deeply-rooted problem that we have but we want to do our bit with the scarcity that we have right now in terms of our healthcare professionals and in terms of the lack of hospital beds. What can we do but to increase efficiency just to make sure that our hospitals and healthcare professionals and facilities are doing the right thing. And that they are efficiently run,” tells Joyce Socao-Alumno, president and CEO of Healthcore.

She further adds, “For us, quality is doing the right thing but safety is doing it the right way. So that’s what we have been passionately advocating in HealthCore since 2010.”

HealthCore has assisted several local hospitals and other medical organizations in acquiring international quality accreditations as well as providing consultancy services in patient care, safety, infection control, quality audit tools and more.

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Joyce explains the role of HealthCore: “As the ASEAN representative of various international certification organizations, we promote the globalization of healthcare. From day one, our advocacy is to help bring the quality of our medical facilities’ services at par with the international/global standards.”

Once a medical facility has agreed to take on their services, Healthcore, along with its auditors and assessors, will conduct a two- to three-day audit of the following:

  • Check if the machines are well calibrated
  • Check the waste management system
  • Document inspection (if licenses and diplomas are valid)
  • Check the floorplan
  • Interview the patients/staff
  • Interview the security team
  • Check the sterilization procedure
  • Check the pharmacy content
  • Hospital food service

“As we have in the beginning, we at HealthCore will continue to play our role to reach this goalone medical facility at a time,” promises Joyce. At present, 14 local healthcare facilities have been accredited internationally.

Former Bulacan Governor and Tourism Secretary Roberto “Obet” Pagdanganan, who is a part of HealthCore’s board of directors and advisors, further implores the press and those who are willing to further prod local medical facilities to deliver quality healthcare and meet global standards.

“You are in a position to make people aware that something has got to be done. I’m inviting you at the onset for us to work together. Magtrabaho tayo dito because we need to create awareness. We need to make people conscious about the issue. We have to make everybody accept the seven-degree responsibility.”

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