Having too much sugary drinks can lead to cancer

Sugary drinks like sodas and fruit juices have been linked to higher risks of various cancer developments, in addition to its association of an elevated risk in obesity – it too a leading cancer risk factor.

Researchers in France surveyed over 100,000 adults to assess the link between large consumptions of sugary drinks and cancer risks (including cancers of the breasts, prostate, and bowel).

They saw that just a 100ml daily increase of sugary drinks had 18% increased risk of cancer, and a 22% increase in breast cancer; sugar-sweetened drinks and fruit juices had a similar high risk association. The average age of cancer diagnosis, from 2,193 cases, was 59 years old.

The authors suggest that taxing sugary products could greatly affect cancer rates. “This large, well-designed study adds to the existing evidence that consumption of sugary drinks may be associated with increased risk of some cancers,” said Cancer Research UK senior statistician Graham Wheeler on the study.

Story from AFP.

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