Having Star Wars In Your Own Homes
Kenneth Cobonpue’s new collection is inspired by a galaxy far, far away

As a child, Kenneth Cobonpue always imagined himself strapped in a TIE Fighter as it raced across the galaxy, with Darth Vader close beside him. Small memories like this are what helped inspire him to produce his newest creation, and perhaps a little influence from the Force.

The Star Wars-Kenneth Cobonpue collection, a partnership of the acclaimed designer and the epic saga under Disney, was unveiled at Cobonpue’s showroom in Greenbelt last October 10. This is the first collaboration of Star Wars and Disney with a designer from Southeast Asia.

“Everything I do today is an extension of my creative childhood.” – Kenneth Cobonpue

“Designing Star Wars is like going back to my childhood, it feels very natural”, said Cobonpue. Upon seeing the finished products, he hopes that everyone else would be brought back to their youth. He added, “That’s what design has, the power to transform us, bring us back, to relive our memories.”

The whole collection consists of five distinct items, each of them related to a character from the popular space opera film series:

Imperial Wings

Cobonpue’s personal favorite is the first product he designed in the collaboration. Homeowners can now see themselves sitting inside a TIE Fighter, complete with wings woven with Cobonpue’s iconic style. This comes in both white and black, similar to the Fighters that appears in the original trilogy.


Many who prefer the Dark Side will find this product irresistible. An easy armchair that bears a near-resemblance to the Sith Lord himself, Darth Sidious. The cushions mark the face and cloak of the Emperor, while the rest of the piece contains subtle and strongly woven polyethylene.


Perhaps the highlight of the collection, the Vader chair is every Star Wars fans’ dream. The chair includes an intricately-woven canopy and cushions that marks the face of Star Wars’ most popular character. The best features are a foldable swivel table, and ability to rotate — perfect for the working fanatics.


For those who want to settle for simple comforts, having your favorite Wookie in the room should do the trick. The playful rocking stool is covered in brown microfiber strips, accompanied by a fabric belt, to reflect Han Solo’s best friend Chewbacca.

Little Jedi

This piece stands out from the rest due to its sophisticated design done by hand. The Little Jedi hanging lamp consists of 44 miniature Jedi Knights holding lightsabers, where the light source is found, connected by salago fiber. A sole red Sith Lord battles them in their midst, as the Jedi convey the power of unity.

Though not part of the new installation, Cobonpue also came up with small minimalist figurines of the Star Wars series, each bearing their iconic features like Princess Leia’s buns and Yoda’s pointy ears. The whole collection is, for Cobonpue, a way for people to bring their favorite characters home in a unique way. With his new creations, you will definitely feel the presence of the Force.

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The Star Wars-Kenneth Cobonpue collection is only available in the Philippines. For more information e-mail info@kennethcobonpue.com or visit their website at kennethcobonpue.com

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