Groundbreaking Mammography Machine now in the Philippines
Manila Doctors Hospital is the first medical facility in Southeast Asia to operate the top-rate equipment

The Mammomat Revelation HD Breast Tomosynthesis System features a unique 50-degree HD breast tomosynthesis, providing physicians with a precise and clearer view for more individualized compression.

In 2014, the World Health Organization shared a Cancer Country Profile revealing that breast cancer leads the highest incidence rate among women in the Philippines. Unfortunately, fear of “painful mammography exams” has discouraged majority of Filipino women from undergoing this vital checkup.

Which is why the most recent news from Manila Doctors Hospital (MDH) is a welcome one.

The medical facility, which has been running for more than 60 years, recently unveiled its latest acquisition: the Mammomat Revelation HD Breast Tomosynthesis.

MDH is the first not only in the Philippines, but in the whole of Southeast Asia, to own the premium mammography machine. 

“At Manila Doctors Hospital, being equipped with the latest technological trends to support our medical team is our top priority – a testament to our commitment to providing world class care for our patients,” Elizabeth Dantes, president of MDH, shared during a roundtable discussion with select members of the press. 


This latest mammography innovation from Siemens Healthineers takes a 50-degree scan angle to get a “more precise and clearer 3D view.” 

 “The machine offers a more detailed imaging of the breast, giving a better visualization of the hidden breast masses that were not delineated in conventional mammography and with essentially the same amount of radiation dose or even less. The machine also enables the user to provide better outcome due to the superior localization of the lesion compared to previous mammography,” further explained Dr. Manuel Tuazon, vice chairman for the Department of Radiology at MDH. 

(L-R) Dr. Mario Joselito Juco, Dr. Manuel Tuason, and Ms. Elizabeth Dantes of Manila Doctors Hospital, joined by Siemens Healthineers Philippines president Mike Tan at the launch of the new Mammomat Revelation HD Breast Tomosynthesis System. (Images courtesy of Manila Doctors Hospital)

The developers have also taken in consideration the patient’s comfort, that’s why the machine has an intuitive “personalized soft compression” technology, which translates to a much-improved mammography experience.

As explained by Mike Tan, president of Siemens Healthineers in the Philippines, the technology involved reduces the pain and discomfort associated with a mammogram.  

“Some women may still have the notion that mammography exams are painful. It could be from previous experiences, or the fear of getting a mammogram the first time. But every person’s pain threshold is different and through the years, advances in breast imaging have been uncovered with this in mind,” noted Elizabeth Dantes.

All this talk about the latest innovation may be intimidating to some, though, especially those who are not comfortable at the thought of trying out new medical equipment as the word “technology” is often equated to “expensive.”

The cost per examination is P3,500. Understandably, the rate is higher than ordinary mammography exams but as Mike Tan pointed out, “There is no value to life.”

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and with the availability of the Mammomat Revelation machine in the country, there is no more excuse for women not to devote a few hours of the day to take that breast exam.

Elizabeth Dantes said it best with this parting shot: “Early detection, with the machine, can improve the survival rate.”



For more information about Mammomat Revelation at Manila Doctors Hospital, contact 558-0888 locals 0693/2760.

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