GIFT GUIDE: Wellness rejuvenation at The Farm

Let’s be honest, we all wish we could have little downtime to just relax without any worry in the world. Maybe it’s because of the stress of work, or a feeling of having no free time on your hands to do anything with a significant other.

With Valentine’s coming very soon, perhaps it’s time you treated you and your loved one to a little pampering; after all good times are made better that way. We have the perfect suggestion for you, a place where you get to rest and spend time with that special someone simultaneously.

Welcome to The Farm

The Farm at San Benito is a multi-awarded medical resort and wellness center that is stacked with carefully executed health programs, overseen by a team of medical experts. Located in Lipa, Batangas – a 90-minute drive from Manila – The Farm is situated on 48 hectares of green land, a stunning view of mountains, and radiant fresh air that surrounds the entire resort.

For the Valentine’s season, The Farm is offering special deals for couples who just want to get away and have some alone time while experiencing the ideal wellness treatment. Think of it as an easygoing health journey for couples, because growing healthy together just sounds romantic.

Vitality of the Hearts

This award-winning treatment by The Farm is a four-hour program that consists of several of the resort’s features including an acupuncture and a traditional Filipino massage called “Hilot Kasuyo”.

Couples will also get to experience The Farm’s Focused Light Technology as part of the Vitality of the Hearts Treatment to slim and tone fat cells, and follow it up with a muscle stimulation through their patented Multiple Matrix Modulation Waves Technology.

Dinner Under the Stars

The Farm can also guarantee your Valentine’s dinner to be undoubtedly special if you avail their “Dinner Under the Stars” offer – a classic and private meal held in a jungle setting beneath the night’s sky.

The offer includes 5-course nutrient-rich meal and a bottle of organic wine to make dinner a healthy and memorable experience.

Their resident restaurant, Alive!, features an all-natural and nutritious vegan menu, keeping in with the resort’s wellness theme as a plant-based diet lessens the risks of chronic illnesses.

What are you waiting for? Treat yourself and a significant other to one of the country’s best wellness and treatment resorts, and make the love last longer and healthier.

To book a retreat or learn more about The Farm, simply visit

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