GIFT GUIDE: TWG’s Place Vendôme Tea
Keep warm this Valentine's Day

This February feels a lot cooler this year, literally, it almost wants to make you stay inside and keep warm. While the idea of spending Valentine’s indoors sounds alright, maybe you should get a little something and make the moment special.

At this age going out seems a little tiring, and there’s nothing wrong with sitting down for nice cup of tea. For Valentine’s Day, we recommend the best for you and your significant other to cherish.

TWG Tea has released their special Valentine’s Day tea collection, featuring flavors thats are guaranteed to make you feel that it the season of love wherever you go.

A trip to Paris

The Place Vendôme Tea gets its name from Paris’ most iconic and prestigious square that is just filled by world-class jewelers and the finest watchmakers. Just like these Parisian products, Place Vendôme Tea glimmers in elegant hues of blue and gold.

A sip of Place Vendôme will take you to Paris’ romantic alleys and cobbled streets along the River Seine, surround you with baroque architecture, the glamor and elegance that echoes Paris, just by its blend of fruits and flowers that includes pineapple, orange peels, elderberries, and blue cornflowers.

Other romantic indulgences

The rest of the special tea collection are different mixes of exquisite yet chic beverages, guaranteed to make tea time with your Valentine absolutely romantic.

Billet Doux Tea and Geisha Blossom Tea are ideal companions for luscious dinners or a quick bite of dessert cakes and pastires. Meanwhile the Mon Amour Tea, a blend of yellow blossoms and quice, is a black tea worthy of Aphrodite herself.

Make Valentine’s Day a little more sweeter and grab TWG Tea’s new collection, available at all TWG Tea Salons & Boutiques until February 24, 2019.

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