GIFT GUIDE: Swarovski Valentine’s Collection

The best kind of jewelry a woman can wear is those that define her personality, and with a little touch of romance, can make the perfect Valentine’s gift spark with love days on end.

Austrian-based crystal business Swarovski has always seen the beauty of light in jewelry and how they reflect a lady’s elegance and femininity. Since their founding in 1895, they have been designing and marketing their own crystals and genuine gemstones of the highest quality.

They continue to incorporate their fine crystals and gems in the jewelry and accessories they manufacture, still under the care of the Swarovksi family that has always sought to bring out beauty in women through their illuminated products.

A glistening past and present

Images of lit chandeliers and sparkling diamond rings often remind us of the fancy events back in the days, or even school promenades & dances where ladies could dress up for one night. With their Valentine’s Day 2019 collection, Swarovski plans to bring back all those memories and the emotions that flew through them all just by their romantic designs.

“Our message this season is to ‘follow your heart,’ be bold and express every facet of your love, style and personality. The Valentine’s Day 2019 Collection, shines a light on Swarovski’s one-of-a-kind brilliance, captures the hearts of women around the world and illuminates their beauty,” says Swarovski’s Creative Director Nathalie Colin.

Two standout pieces from the collection evoke this one-of-a-kind brilliance with a fresh take of love as gifts. A range of One’s stackable rings, adjustable y-necklaces, and chokers spotlights are refined with millennium pink whimsical hues to deliver sweet sentiments, meanwhile the Crystalline Gem watch shines brightly with about 800 Swarovski crystals around its dial sure brighten up one’s mood and outfit.

The Swarovski Valentine’s Day 2019 collection, tainted with its signature crystals, is an endearing statement of love told brilliantly through its designs – almost certain to illuminate the smile of your loved one.

Swarovski is available through boutique stores at Newport Mall, Robinson’s Magnolia, Trinoma Mall, The Podium Mall, Power Plant Mall, Glorietta Mall, and SM Mall of Asia.

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