GIFT GUIDE: Presents for the Seasons
Get your gifts ahead of time!

Only a few days until Christmas, and you have to be wondering if those stockings are filled and if there are gifts under the tree.

Now while some people have started ticking off wish lists as early as decorations going up, others are still scrambling to give the “Nice” list presents their friends deserve.

Speaking of early purchases, why not get presents that are perfect for other seasons? Summer is still months away, but getting your fellow titas just the right summer bag won’t make them think twice about what they’ll bring on vacations.

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Italian brand Furla released its 2019 Spring-Summer collection with a set of bags appropriate to anyone’s taste. From the Furla Fortezza everyday bag, to Furla Isola belt bag, to the Furla Corona bucket bag there is a wide range to choose from to spark that bright summer style.

One can even plan further ahead and buy your titos and workmates some winter clothes they can wear to the office or make these optional attires to bring abroad (especially where it can get bone-chilling cold).

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German luxury brand Hugo BOSS’ Fall-Winter 2018 collection mixes classic tailoring with athletic looks by making oversized tops paired with quilted pants. BOSS’ signature double-breasted tailoring continues in their cashmere greatcoats and tailored jackets tradition meets sports in these seasonal outfits.

Even if you can’t get these wonderful items in time for Christmas, they can still be great assets in pulling off the attire of the month all because you got the outfit ahead of time.

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