From Ugly Duckling to Beautiful Swan


A teenager who was bullied for her “ugly” looks turned the tables on her detractors thanks to puberty and a little help from a glutathione supplement.

Krizia Jewel V. Silverio of San Ildefonso, Bulacan was previously criticized for her dark skin. The 18-year-old student of Baliuag University was called many nasty names and was the butt of several jokes on social media.


In spite of that, her mother told her not to give up. She even encouraged Krizia to join local beauty contests to boost her confidence.

Initially, her efforts were in vain. She lost the first pageant she joined and was further insulted for “trying hard.” All that changed, however, when she blossomed into a young woman.

Dramatic Transformation

Like the popular fairy tale, the ugly duckling magically turned into a beautiful swan. Krizia’s dramatic transformation surprised both her family and friends. It wasn’t long before people noticed her new look and started complimenting her.

Today, the young lady is a popular figure both in school and on social media. She credits her improved appearance to puberty, sun protection, and Thiocell Glutathione Lozenge.

“Doctors told me there is nothing wrong with dark skin, but I decided to do something about it anyway because I couldn’t bear the insults that were hurled at me. I guess it’s okay if you want to improve yourself by changing the color of your hair or skin, and people should respect that decision. In my case, I wanted to create a better version of myself without the use of injections or surgery,” she confided.

Krizia used many whitening agents to improve her condition until she stumbled into a product that actually works.

“It occurred to me one day: Why not try the whitening candy that’s being advertised? I did and it changed my life,” she revealed.


Before and after pics of Krizia Jewel Silverio.

Not Only for the Young

Concern about whiter skin is not only limited to young women. Researchers said many females yearn for flawless skin regardless of their age, especially when it comes to hidden areas like the groin and underarm. Obviously, having dark skin in these areas ruins the whole physical package and is viewed as a big letdown. To look better, some resort to the use of harsh chemicals that may harm the skin and make things worse.

Unlike other whitening products, Thiocell is safe and is the first and only glutathione supplement in lozenge form. It is dissolved in the mouth like candy, making it a better and faster way of absorbing glutathione.

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