Filipino New Year’s Superstitions

Just like any other special day in the country, New Year’s celebrations has superstitions that go back as far as colonial times (maybe even during the years when natives believed in animism and numerous mythologies).

Here at The Good Life we’ve listed down some of the popular superstitions that the elderly, especially those born from the provinces, continue to pass down to younger generations. Some are good beliefs, others not as inviting, but it’s what most believe will grant fortune and luck for a new year.

Make as much noise as you can to ward off evil spirits
Did you really think people shoot fireworks and blow their horns for no reason? The more loud noises you can, the better chances evil won’t come any close to you in the coming year.

Wear striped or dotted shirts
Such patterns represent prosperity and a good life. Plus you never know if you can pull off stripes and polka dots.

Jump at midnight to grow taller
Kids aren’t just jumping because they’re excited, they also trying their luck at growing a few more inches. Some shorter people also give it a try, just to see if it really works.

Open all doors and drawers to let good fortune in
When they say open all the doors and drawers, they mean it. Be it a cabinet door, your underwear drawer, the door to the bathroom, leave them ajar so that good luck will flow in (of course keep your front door locked, for security reasons).

Turn on all the lights
Don’t worry about the electric bill, having all your lights mean the coming year will beautiful and bright!

Fill pockets with coins for financial stability
They say that how much money you have in your pockets, it will represent your financial situation for the year to come. So best fill them up with as much coins as possible – we wonder if it works for bills too.

Scatter coins everywhere
Also leave coins all around the house – the floor, on tables, chairs, beds – so that you’ll have better luck with money!

Prepare round fruits for good fortune
Whether it’s your apples, oranges, grapes, melons, pomelos, lychees, watermelons, gather them all on the table. The ideal number is 12, to symbolize the months in a year.

Noodles for long life
This superstition goes beyond new year, it applies to every occasion and gathering. If you want to live longer, have noodles – especially pancit! – during the media noche feast (which also symbolizes abundance).

No chicken and fish
Fish and poultry symbolize scarcity and misfortune, and you wouldn’t want to have to have that for a whole year. Instead have some beef or pork, like leftover Christmas ham.

Don’t spend on New Year’s Day
Whatever you do on the first day of the year, the same goes for the rest of the year. So if you want to have a steady income, try not to spend at all.

Cleaning on New Year’s Day erases good fortune
Be untidy just this once. Any good fortune that may have come when midnight struck might go away, so don’t clean!

So are you ready to celebrate the arrival of 2019? Better start on your preparations, the new year is coming in fast, you’ll need all the good luck you can get!

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