Fight Obesity With Erich Gonzales

Erich Gonzales is the new face of mySlim.

Fat people are mistakenly perceived as jolly and many find them funny. But the sad truth is that obesity can make a person susceptible to a lot of diseases.

In fact, the World Health Organization said that obesity and overweight are part of the reason why many people suffer from heart disease, cancer, and diabetes which are responsible for 57 percent of deaths in the country. These deadly ailments usually occur before the age of 60.

Fighting obesity can be difficult, especially in this age where it’s more convenient to eat fast food, gorge on unlimited rice, consume high-calorie beverages, and stay in bed or in front of the computer or TV the whole day. However, losing weight can be achieved if you put your mind to it. After all, your health is at stake and it’s best to do what you can before things get out of hand.

Erich Gonzales is the new face of mySlim.

Battle of the Bulge

Aside from exercise, good food choices, and the will to succeed, one can turn to slimming supplements to aid in the battle of the bulge. Speaking of supplements, popular brand mySlim recently enlisted the help of showbiz A-lister Erich Gonzales to inspire people to fight obesity.

Erich’s new role as the face of mySlim was announced in a media event at Seda Vertis North in Quezon City. Her presence aims to encourage women to look beyond useless weight loss regimens, fad diets, and even expensive and often dangerous aesthetic interventions.

The local star was the obvious choice for mySlim since she has remained true to herself in spite of her success. She has never resorted to gimmicks in order to make a name for herself or stay fit. Her breakthrough TV role on the sleeper hit Katorse relied on her acting chops than her good looks. This continued in her first hit movie – the acclaimed indie film Paano Ko Sasabihin?

Sexy Redefined

“In a country that consistently ranks among the best in the world in gender equality, especially in the workplace, a true Filipina is one who embodies what it is to have self-worth and who takes care of her body for the sake of health and fitness, not just to look sexy,” according to Erick Armigos, brand architect of Vida Nutri-Science, maker of mySlim.

Armigos assured users that the product is made from the best, safest, and most effective ingredients like yerba mate, carnipure, and palatinose to burn unwanted fat and complement a healthy lifestyle.

mySlim comes in three product variants: ready-to-drink, powder drink, and food supplement. It is available at Mercury Drug, Watsons, and other leading drugstores nationwide. For more information, visit or

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