Faster inflight Wi-Fi now available at Philippine Airlines
Philippine Airlines' free hi-speed Wi-Fi is the first in Asia

Long flights can get a little tedious, especially when you’re stuck on your seat for around 10 hours. Even with lots of entertainment selections to choose from, the occasional web search is necessary to keep in touch with what’s going on down below. Luckily, Philippine Airlines (PAL) has the solution to those long, slow flights.

No need to worry about forgetting to send an e-mail for work, or keeping your children and grandchildren on their toes waiting for a reassuring message, because PAL is now offering complimentary 30mb for all passengers with its myPAL Hi-Speed Wi-Fi.

Whether it’s to cram a presentation during a business trip or to continue planning an itinerary with your relatives from abroad, PAL’s new offering will elevate your inflight entertainment. You can even browse for the ideal content you prefer to enjoy during your flights so that your music, shows, and movie selections from PAL will come easier.

Keep your friends and loved ones updated for the duration of the flight, and maybe even take a few photos or videos to document the early stages of your trip. Business class passengers will get an additional 100mb, but all passengers can top-up an additional 100mb for only USD5 (via credit card) to make flights quite memorable.

For more information about Philippine Airlines’ new feature and their available flights, visit, or follow its Facebook page (‪, Twitter (@flyPAL) and Instagram (@flyPAL).

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