Comics dedicated to late Filipino comedians like Dolphy, Babalu in the works

If there’s one thing Filipinos love to do, it’s to laugh. The country has been blessed by so many comedians who have made us laugh so much, our sides ached for days. Whether it was on a TV series or a blockbuster film, or a simple stand-up show at theatres and bars, Filipino comedians have always found a way to put a smile on our faces.

But just like everyone else, our time in this world can only last so much, we always try to leave something behind in order for people to remember us. One comic writer has taken up the challenge to help Filipinos honor all the comedians who made us laugh.

Writer and artist Alan Czar Santos is currently busy working on his new project “The Comedians Reborn”, a comic featuring all the Filipino comedians who have passed away. In a Facebook post he writes, “This comic/work is to  give tribute [to] those talented, astonishingly funny and brilliant late comedians who made us laugh, who we grew up watching over & over again, they brought us so much laughter, joy and made such a big impact to our childhood lives.”

Some of the featured comedians include Dolphy, Kuya Germs, and Yoyoy Villame

In the photo that he posted, a great ensemble of comedians gather around a table of cards and gin, some of them you may even recognize. There is Yoyoy Villame, popularly known for his quirky songs, Cipriano Cermeño II aka Redford White which he coined from his albinism, Cachupoy, Babaly, and German “Kuya Germs” Moreno.

Taking up a lot of the space at the table is Da King of Comedy himself, Rodolfo “Dolphy” Vera Quizon Sr. Santos was even able to include the recently deceased Chokoleit, who succumbed to a heart attack last March 9, and Bentong (found at the very top of the image), who passed away last February.

Santos, who is also a policeman, currently pens the “Pulisman” comic series that is published on the Philippine National Police’s (PNP) official newspaper Balita. We can’t wait to see his tribute comics come out, and to laugh all over again at these beloved comedians’ jokes and quips.

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