Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper team up again for “The Mule”
First collaboration since "American Sniper" with Eastwood directing again

At 88 years old, retirement doesn’t seem to be an option for the legendary Clint Eastwood, who steps into his acting shoes once more for his first appearance since since 2012’s Trouble With The Curve. His latest directorial work The Mule reunites him with his American Sniper star Bradley Cooper.

Cooper is fresh off three Oscar nominations for acting, writing and producing the critically acclaimed film “A Star Is Born”, which he also directed. What drew him to take part in The Mule was working with Eastwood again, “The fact that I would get to act with him in this movie made it an immediate ‘yes’ for me,” says Cooper.

The Mule stars Eastwood as Earl Stone, a man in his 80s facing low on money and company and begins working as drug cartel courier. Unbeknownst to him DEA agent Colin Bates (Cooper) is keeping tabs on him, and Stone must be careful not to let the authorities, the cartel, or his past mistakes with family get in his way.

Being with a legend

There is a moment in the film where Stone and Bates cross paths, which ironic because the latter too is facing issues with his family because of work. Cooper shares that “there’s a connection between them, the mistakes they’ve made, the fact that neither has made family a priority.  Earl urges Colin to make sure he takes the time he has and spends it with them.”

This is the first time that Cooper is acting alongside Eastwood, as the latter was only behind the camera for their 2013 Oscar-nominated film. “There were two times on the set, watching him work, when I couldn’t stop tearing up!”  as he recalls seeing Eastwood do his scenes.

“Even once when I was in a scene with him, when my character certainly should not be crying, and I had to turn away.  It was very moving.  He’s a fantastic actor and he doesn’t act very often, so I think we all recognized the privilege of working with him,” Cooper concludes.

“The Mule” is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and will be shown exclusively at Ayala Malls Cinemas starting January 30.

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