Clever Halloween Costumes for Seniors
Dressing up for trick-or-treating is for all ages

Kids usually get to have all the fun during Halloween but there isn’t any reason why people in their golden years shouldn’t enjoy as well (maybe just cut down on the sweets).

Here is a list of crafty and clever costume suggestions, which even seniors can pull off, and perhaps get a chance at winning that best costume prize at the party.


Grandpas and grandmas can pull off a better zombie impersonation than most, because let’s face it, the wrinkles and shuffled walks. Just add a little makeup and drip some red liquid on ragged clothes, and you’re a first-class zombie!

Channel your inner Walking Dead this Halloween!

Carl Fredricksen (Up)

This is a popular and cute costume that grandfathers should try with their grandkids. All it takes is  tweed or brown coat, white button-down, and gray pants. Don’t forget Carl’s huge glasses, and metal cane with tennis balls. If your grandson has a Boy Scout uniform, then he can partner you as Russell, the wilderness explorer. Now if only you could get Dug and Kevin too…

Dress up as one of Pixar’s most beloved characters with your grandchild.

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin’s Tramp is one of the most recognized characters in Hollywood, and it’s also one of the most fun to copy. Both ladies and gents can pull off the Tramp look by strapping on an old suit and tie, baggy pants, tattered shoes, black bowler hat, and draw on that iconic moustache. The Tramp is also never without his cane, which works for seniors; even better if it’s made of bamboo like Chaplin’s.

Like Chaplin himself, this costume will leave people speechless

Colonel Sanders (KFC)

This would be a pretty funny costume to put on, especially if you walk into a KFC restaurant. What you’ll need is a white suit, button-down, and pants. Finish it off with the iconic string necktie, brown cane, and facial hair that matches the logo of one of the biggest fast food chains in the world.

Who would have thought Halloween would be finger lickin’ good?

Popeye and Olive

The popular hero and his ladylove is one for old couples to try out together!
Olive wears red long sleeves and a black skirt, while Popeye dons a black button-down, blue denim pants, yellow belt, and a sailor’s hat. To emphasize Popeye’s muscles, we suggest using a pantyhose filled with towels. Don’t forget the anchor tattoo, wooden pipe, and can of spinach for extra strength!

Take a walk along memory lane with Popeye the Sailor Man!

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