Celebrate Easter with a TWG Tea Party

Once Easter season rolls in, the children will be busy roaming around the house or garden searching for those precious Easter eggs, eager to find what delicious treats they will find inside. In the meantime, parents and grandparents can just sit back and watch the kids scramble in their little wonderland, just waiting for the prizes at the end of the hunt.

But Easter isn’t just for the children to enjoy, adults too can share in the whimsical delectation brought about by the Easter Bunny by topping a day off with a warm cup of tea. In TWG’s Haute Couture Tea Collection, even the weariest of adults will be filled with childlike wonder and imagination, dashed by hues of pastel green, gold, and emerald in true spring-like fashion.

The collection’s Tea Party Tea contains a rich and golden infusion of black tea hinting of pineapple and Mediterranean orange as if a cup was freshly picked from the orchard. What’s more, if a warm cup doesn’t suit you for the weather, it can still be perfectly served on ice when paired with different pastries like tea-infused macarons, tea cakes, sandwiches, and petit fours.

Get into the Easter mood as well with the Tea Party Tea Scented Candle, it too evoking the aroma of springtime mornings as the sun begins to shine on a day just waiting for families to settle down on for a picnic. Each breath of its scent will only remind you how delightful it is to enjoy a fresh cup of tea during the Easter season.

Get TWG’s Haute Couture Tea Collection at any at a TWG Tea Salons & Boutiques.

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