Brow Styling is Not Only for the Young
National Brow Artist Celina Fernandez Tells Us Why

Get a different makeover this holiday season with a brow styling session.

National Brow Artist Celina Fernandez of Benefit Cosmetics shares that if you want to look younger, just shape your eyebrows.

“When you shape your eyebrows, especially if it’s done properly, it really takes years off your age. Aside from making you look younger, it makes you look thinner.”

Women’s eyebrows get thinner with age that is why it is best for the more mature women to consult an expert to know about maintenance and care.

“If you have sparse eyebrow, it looks more sparse if it’s messy, so there’s distraction (excess hair) in the bottom part. But when you remove it or have it shaped, it will look more refined and thicker,”explains Celina.

A shaped eyebrow  will be easier to fill and it provides the direction for the rest of the makeup.

“When you fill in your eyebrows, you don’t need a red lipstick because the eyebrows are already defined. So in doing your makeup, start with the eyebrows because it brings balance to the face,” further adds the brow expert.


Take note. Brow styling is also for men.

Celina explains to The Good Life that men with shaped eyebrows look brighter or “more radiant” that’s why it’s a good idea not only for young men but for the more mature ones as well to try brow styling. 

“We had a Father’s Day promo before. That if you bring your dad, then he gets a free brow waxing,” tells Celina. It was a pleasant surprise for her brow team to see a number of their clients take advantage of the offer and bring their dads. 

The brow artist also encourages men and women to try brow waxing as she clarifies the misconception that the process is not painful as it seems.

“That is why we really encourage people to try it because if you’re just watching someone who’s getting his or her brows waxed, it looks painful as the skin turns red. But the redness is a natural reaction of our skin when it’s tugged or when there’s heat.”

The Benefit brow artists use warm wax to open the hair follicles. Celina swears that waxing is less painful than tweezing as brow hair is not forcibly tugged and pulled from the skin. After waxing, aloe gel is applied to soothe the skin.

The Benefit team then provides other tips like what products to use and brow care advice to their clients after the brow styling session. Celina also encourages both men and women to give their brows 3-4 weeks before making another appointment for eyebrow waxing.

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