Blast From the Past: Driving down memory lane
Take a look at these old photos and see if you can recognize these vehicles

Every once in a while, it’s good to look back and reminisce the good, old, carefree days. Back then there was so much free space to walk around, and definitely more space for cars to drive around.

Speaking of which, The Good Life has compiled photos of some vehicles used by Filipinos back in the day; see if any of them spark a memory of driving down old Manila, or simply reminds you of a time way back when.

Of course everyone is familiar with the kalesa, you can still find them around Manila near the bay area especially down Roxas Boulevard and inside the “walled city” of Intramuros.

The kalesa was not so different in the 1960s (around the time this photo was taken) as they are today, in fact there are still popular among tourists. Just seeing that they are still around is proof that history is indeed timeless, and the kalesa is here to stay.

Dewey Boulevard, 1965
Recto, 1960s

When you think of vintage cars, the first one that comes to mind in most people is the Volkswagen Beetle. The Philippines also had it’s share of the Beetle rage, even going as far as using them for taxis and police cars!

This Ford JD Transit would be the equivalent of today’s Tamaraw FXs and UVs, if people did not want to ride the bus and found taxis a little over their budget.

Surprisingly, back then taxi fares only costs ten or fifteen centavos, so just imagine how much cheaper it would be to ride the Transit! We think it’s worth the money even without air-conditioning, given how fresh the air was back then.

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Speaking of buses, there were many types of buses used in old Manila, with some companies like Philippine Rabbit Bus Lines still in operation today. Of course they’ve updated their bus models, but take a look at how they used to be in the ’60s – almost like school bus-fire truck hybrid!

Maybe more iconic is the open-top Matorco bus that went around the southern parts of Metro Manila, especially popular among families and children as they got to see the city out in the open. There was probably always a mad scramble to get those top seats!

Public jeepneys, 1960s

The jeepney is the best known symbol of Philippine transportation, and has become as timeless as the kalesa since they were introduced after World War II.

No matter what era of jeepneys you look at, they will always have those bright colors and intricate designs; only that in the 1960s you could only fit around 11-12 passengers, compared to nearly 20 today (at the urging of the driver of course).

Do you remember how much jeepney rates were? It was as low as ten centavos, compared to today’s 10 peso-fare. We wouldn’t mind bringing those good old days back. Stay tuned for for more throwback and vintage photos!

All photos from Philippine History and Architecture’s Facebook page and Pinterest.

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