Applying for a Senior Citizen ID Card
Quick guide on how to apply for the ID

In the Philippines, any individual 60 years old and above is considered a senior citizen. Under RA 9994, or the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010, the government will provide senior citizens with special benefits (aptly named the Benefits of Senior Citizens).

Some of the stated Benefits of Senior Citizens are being exempted from value-added tax, 5% discount for public utility bills (water & electricity), 20% discount in establishments and leisure admission fees (commercial, dining, lodging, etc.), public utility vehicle (PUV) fares, domestic air and sea travel fares, medical supplies and services, and for the senior citizen’s funeral services.

Other special benefits for senior citizens are:

  • express lanes in government offices and commercial establishments
  • exemption from income tax (if a senior is working with minimum wage)
  • free flu and pneumococcal vaccinations (for indigent senior citizens)
  • educational scholarships and financial assistance
  • retirement benefits from government agencies (SSS, GSIS, Pag-IBIG)
  • PhilHealth coverage in accredited establishments

While a senior citizen is automatically entitled to these benefits, having a Senior Citizen ID is a must for every senior citizen because it is documented proof that an individual is a Filipino senior citizen, and it is one of the acceptable government IDs in the country which you can use in various offices and banks (instead of say your driver’s license, or SSS card).

Requirements and procedure

The necessary requirements to apply for the Senior Citizen ID are:

  • birth certificate (to prove the date of birth)
  • latest 1×1 ID photo (colored)
  • valid ID (preferably government-issued)

From there you, and ideally a family member for assistance, can visit your city, town, or municipality’s Office of the Senior Citizens Affair (OSCA) and apply. After filling out the necessary details and signatures, you’re all set to receive your Senior Citizen ID!

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Note: When using the senior citizen’s discount, individuals cannot use another special discount at the same time, such as a PWD discount or an ongoing deal in the establishment. Whatever discount is higher will be used.

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