An Homage to Heritage
Tim Tam Ong’s newest collection is a tribute to Filipino culture and arts

Jewelry designer Tim Tam Ong

Jewelry designer Tim Tam Ong is no stranger to promoting the local scene. From 100% locally made products to supporting local artists and advocacies, Tim Tam’s love for the Philippines is evident and serves as an inspiration for her creations.

In her new Heirloom Collection, Tim Tam pays homage to Filipino culture and arts, an appropriate reflection of her designs that hints of subtlety and old world charm.

Raw materials found in the Philippines such as carabao horns and pearls are just a few of the catalysts that inspired Tim Tam to produce a collection, of which the intricate designs are crafted by artisan hands rather than being factory-made.

“As a designer, I feel that part of my legacy is to share the wondrous culture and arts of the Philippines to the whole world by making them accessible through jewelry,” says Tim Tam, “Our culture is our fingerprint, it is what defines us and we should have more of it in our everyday lives. We need to preserve it and take inspiration from it to keep it alive.”

She also adds that, “There is a growing appreciation of locally created things from products, services, to the performing arts. It is an opportunity for local artists and professionals to strive even better and show people what they are capable of creating.”

Her decision to work with Philippine artisans roots from this inspiration to revive and preserve ancient Filipino traditions that are in danger of being forgotten.

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As she does with all her designs, the Heirloom Collection is a display of femininity and beauty in the ordinary. Despite this, Tim Tam always makes sure each new collection is unique, no matter how much time it takes to create them.

“I love making women feel beautiful in what they wear, and these items can effortlessly be taken from daytime to nighttime. I believe in giving each wearer that distinct ownership of that particular design – because we are all unique and I think it’s marvelous to showcase that uniqueness we all have.”

Tim Tam invites everyone to experience this cultural journey through the heartfelt creations she has made, “From our hands to yours, may the beauty, depth and integrity of each jewelry bring a deep appreciation of what is strongly Filipino.”

The Heirloom Collection is exclusively found at Tim Tam Ong’s boutique at R2 Level Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center.

For more information, check out her website at, email, or visit timtamongpage on Facebook or Instagram.

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