A One-Stop Spot for Executive Health Checkup
Say hello to a new medical wellness hub in the metro

Manila Doctors Hospital marked another milestone in its more than six decades of existence with the establishment of its Wellness Hub, the newest addition to its wide array of medical services.

“The Wellness Hub is a center dedicated to promote health and well-being utilizing a holistic approach. Our team of physicians, nurses, and allied medical professionals are committed to supporting our clients’ journey towards personal wellness,” shares Dr. Sarah Jane Nuñez, head of Manila Doctors Hospital’s Allied Services Division (Aesthetics / Wound Care).

This revolutionary medical hub enables patients to forego moving from one place to another as basic diagnostic services such as x-ray, ultrasound, electrocardiogram, laboratory workup will all be done in one place.

“The basics are here; (so) we don’t need to send the patient down to laboratory, we don’t need to send them to radiology,” explains Dr. Nuñez.

Nutrition counselling, weight management, vaccination, life coaching, and acupuncture are the other services being offered at the Wellness Hub.

“I think we’re the only wellness center that has acupuncture embedded with the services,” tells Dr. Nuñez, adding that acupuncture is for general wellness, which can relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia, and help with weight management.

Patients can enjoy healthy snacks, access to Wi-Fi, and other services in between medical tests.

Doctors will provide a personalized wellness program for each patient since no two cases are the same. Dr. Nuñez tells The Good Life that the vision for the Wellness Hub is a one-stop shop for executive health check with a holistic approach.

The center also provides age-specific medical packages for someone as young as 13 years old up to 60 years old and above.

Manila Doctors Hospital obviously gave careful thought on how the wellness center would be presented as the typical clinical waiting area is replaced with a spacious lounge, with sunlight streaming through glass windows, paintings on the wall, and comfortable couches.

The patient-centric approach is intentional as the medical facility is aiming to target not only physical well-being but mental and psychosocial, as well.

Dr. Nuñez proudly states that “Expect an excellent patient experience because we always strive for that.”

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