A Collector’s Dream
Vintage pieces auctioned at reasonable prices

An antique tea set is part of the timeless pieces that were auctioned off on October 13.

People hold memories close to their hearts. Some even keep souvenirs in different shapes and sizes to help them remember the feeling they had in that moment.

Harringtons by HMR, or the Harrington Metal Refinery of Melbourne Australia, brings a piece of the past with their vintage furniture and home accessories. The premier lifestyle auction house in the Philippines sources pieces from all over the world, which later eventually finds a new home through their customers.

Recently, Harringtons held an auction entitled “Mementos of Europe” where items sourced from that region were bid upon by customers.

Located in PTX Zentrum in Makati, their showroom displays the different pieces such as a vintage wooden treasure chest, a grandfather clock from the 20th century, and even a fish sculpture made from a buffalo horn.

Sourcing It Out

The items, which came as far as Germany, Italy, Belgium, Amsterdam, and Paris, were checked and purchased by Harringtons general manager herself, Cila Chua.

Her first condition in buying an item is the price point, which is then followed by the uniqueness of the item. There should be minimal damage to the piece since Harringtons sells the item as is.

“We don’t do refurbishing. We only do little touch-ups. We don’t want to make them look new because it defeats the purpose of them being classified as vintage,” Cila explains.

Another consideration before making a purchase overseas is if the style would fit local buyers. Harringtons hits close to home, as some of the pieces in the collection are what Filipinos normally see in an old house that has accumulated a lot of antiques through the years.

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Affordable Luxury

People at Harringtons want their buyers to have a taste of luxury at a reasonable price.

“We want people to come out happy. We don’t want them to come in intimidated… When they see the price points, they’ll think that it’s affordable,” tells Cila.

Cila further explains that they take into consideration the price they paid to acquire the item as well as the right price that people are willing to pay, for every item.

There are pieces labeled as “No Reserve.” This means that there is no specific price range for the piece. The bid can even start as low as P100.

“This helps the bidders to slowly get the hang of bidding,” clarifies Cila.

Other than furniture, Harringtons also auctions off artworks sourced from different parts of the world. Their showroom also serves as a hub where art collectors can find new additions to their collection.

For more information, visit Harringtons Lifestyle Auction & Showroom on Facebook.

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