73 and stylish, Diane Keaton is the fashion guru we aspire to be

We’ve always been amazed by the beauty and talent of actress Diane Keaton. From her stellar performances as the naive Kay Adams in The Godfather trilogy to the enjoyable Nina Banks in The Father of the Bride films, we love seeing her on the screen.

But the role that really takes the cake for us is her Academy Award-winning role in Annie Hall as the titular character alongside director-actor and longtime friend Woody Allen. Her iconic outfit of a button-down under a vest & tie and billowy trousers still stands out today; we can still hear her saying “la di da”.

It’s been more than 40 years since Annie Hall and Diane Keaton is still making fashion statements, this time online! Amidst her many throwback and archive photos on Instagram, Keaton has lately been posting OOTDs (outfit of the day), still donning a black hat which absolutely suits her!

Like Annie Hall herself, Keaton seems to have a liking for oversized layers, which she pretty much popularized when the film was released back then. The fact that she can still pull it off today is astonishing, a true fashion icon.

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Her more recent posts show that you really can never go wrong with black, because she looks marvellous (even without a hat!) It also looks like she’s showing off her favorite boots and belt (which we’re guessing is from Michael Kors, based on the comments from the fans), we can’t blame her though because they look good on her as well.

Keaton is currently involved in the wine industry, with some California red wines named after her (she has a link in her Instagram bio). We think she could also do well in fashion if she went for it, we’ll be right behind her especially if she keeps it up with more inspiring OOTDs!

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