30 Years of Captivating Music In One Night
Michael Learns To Rock Serenades Fans Once Again

‘Twas a magical December night for Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR) fans as the Danish band performed to an exhilarated crowd at the Araneta Coliseum concert on December 9.

MLTR, composed of lead vocalist and keyboardist Jascha Richter, guitarist Mikkel Lentz, and drummer Kåre Wanscher, performed in Manila, Davao, and Sta. Rosa in Laguna as part of the group’s Still Asian Tour.

It’s only been less than a year since they last visited the country for a concert but their local followers, as always, were excited to listen to some favorite MLTR tunes and the band did not disappoint.

The night began with “Complicated Heart,” one of the group’s earlier songs before performing nonstop with their hits like “Sleeping Child,” “Breaking My Heart,” “Take Me To Your Heart,” “You Took My Heart” away and more.

Already familiar with every song released by the group, the fans were unable to contain their excitement as the first notes of “Sleeping Child” were heard. The screams, applause, laughter and emotional reaction would continue until the end of the night.

MLTR lead vocalist Jascha Richter

Lucky Nine

In between songs, Jascha Richter reached out to the fans and introduced their ninth album, Still, which was released early this year.

“Twenty-eighteen has been a good year to our band,” adds Jascha.

Aside from celebrating their new album, the group is also marking a milestone as this year is their 30th anniversary in the industry. It was back in 1988 when the group was formed but it would take two years before the release of their first album.

MLTR, under Jascha’s leadership, produced more than 80 songs in three decades. The group sang 20 of their more famous ones during the concert. As expected, their Filipino fans knew the lyrics to their songs and sang along to “I’m Gonna Be Around,” “Nothing To Lose,” “The Actor,” “25 Minutes,” and “Out of the Blue.”

Jascha, Mikkel, and Kåre were obviously delighted, with Jascha telling the crowd, “Thank you so much. That sounded so good.”

Through the years, Filipinos have fallen in love with their songs, probably because these are all about falling in love, as Jascha reveals “You know 50% of our songs are about love. And the other 50% is being heartbroken.”

For the rest of the night, MLTR continued to delight the crowd, young and old, with their feel-good songs. There came a point when the audience began waving their phones in the air with the light on while singing along.

Even Jascha encouraged the crowd to join along and wave their phones instead of recording their performance.

MLTR eventually ended their concert with a gallant bow onstage, but the crowd, instead of being disappointed, went out of the coliseum smiling, content, and happy that they witnessed one magical night.

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